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United in Harmony is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that was established in 1989 as a response to homelessness and poverty facing children in our community. United in Harmony’s mission is to provide impoverished children with hope and opportunities. United in Harmony’s overnight-camp program (Camp Harmony) is designed to help children develop positive self-esteem and to thereby inspire and empower campers in their future endeavors. At Camp Harmony, children grow through interactions with teenage and adult role models while experiencing nature, exploring arts, sports, and an array of other enriching activities.

Programs We Offer


Camp Harmony is the foremost United in Harmony program. Camp Harmony offers needy children a break from the tension of their daily lives–a place to play freely. It also affords them the opportunity to grow new talents while learning to trust and to try. Children enjoy a five night camping experience in the summer and an mini-two night camping experience in the winter. Our goal is to build relationships and self-esteem, to emphasize the beauty of nature, and to offer activities in art, sports, personal health and personal challenge.


Over 100 volunteer counselors are part of United in Harmony’s Leadership Program (a post-camp program that enables counselors to maintain relationships with campers, through monthly engagements with various agencies throughout the year). Summer counselors have the opportunity to continue relationships formed with campers by applying to the Leadership program. Leadership meets twice monthly throughout the school year.


Annually, United in Harmony hosts a holiday party for over 200 children from various shelters. The Holiday Party is a wonderful tradition for sharing the holiday season with those less fortunate. Counselors, support staff and campers come together for an afternoon of fun, food, crafts, gifts and a visit from Santa. Children return home with gifts of new toys, clothing, books and more. This annual event welcomes volunteers of all ages.


Alumni Counselors have reunited to continue their volunteering with the children served by United in Harmony and Camp Harmony. During the school year they sponsor several field trip outings with groups of children who have attended Camp Harmony. Alumni counselors are career minded adults who want to continue the mission they accepted years earlier and continue to support the under-served populations of children in our area. HYA Logo


Homelessness in Los Angeles
  • 20-43% are in families, typically headed by a single mom
  • 27% of children have lived in foster care or a group home. 25% were physical or sexually abused
  • From 2013 to 2015 there has been a 12% increase of homeless men, women and children
  • Los Angeles is the 3rd most homeless city in the world.
  • 1.5 million low-income households do not have access to housing they can afford.
Sources include: Pacific Council on International Policy pacficiccouncil.org
Los Angeles Almanac, laalmanac.com
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