Camp Harmony

Camp Harmony is the foremost United in Harmony program. Camp Harmony offers needy children a break from the tension of their daily lives–a place to play freely. It also affords them the opportunity to grow new talents while learning to trust and to try. Children enjoy a five night camping experience in the summer and an mini-two night camping experience in the winter. Our goal is to build relationships and self-esteem, to emphasize the beauty of nature, and to offer activities in art, sports, personal health and personal challenge.


Camp Harmony is proud to offer children in underserved local communities, a nurturing, exciting, experience in the outdoors. Camp Harmony promises campers, “All the love they can take and all the food they need.” Every child will remember their time at Camp Harmony, the wonderful counselors, the beautiful scenery and the fun, fun, fun! Campers attend free of charge.


From over 35 surrounding high schools, counselors apply to Camp Harmony. Ranging in age from 10th-12th grades counselors volunteer at camp sessions (summer or winter) as Harmony leaders and inspirational role-models for the campers. In order to allow United in Harmony to sponsor all campers, counselors are required to underwrite their own expenses at camp with a fee payment. Counselors submit applications each March for Summer session and submit to the acceptance procedures.


Volunteers are the back bone of the Harmony programs. Unit Heads return to Camp Harmony from their colleges across the country to continue the mission they adopted in high school. Unit Heads serve in a more managerial capacity helping to mentor and lead counselors.

Adult Support Staff volunteer at Harmony programs and camps to oversee activities and logistics that keep the programs in operation. Support Staff is often called upon to work directly with a camper or cabin as needed.

Camp Harmony Facts

  • 12+ shelters, agencies and schools send children to camp.
  • 560 under-served children attend camp annually.
  • 350 counselors volunteer annually.
  • 200 adult support staff volunteer annually.
  • 30 various activities are offered at camp everyday.
  • 300 new sleeping bags are distributed to campers every summer session.
  • 1,500 sweatshirts and t-shirts are distributed annually.
  • 3 hot meals are served daily.
  • 20-25 Unit Heads return to camp from college each session.

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