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camp harmony

An overnight camp program designed to help children experiencing poverty develop positive self-esteem and to thereby inspire and empower them in their future endeavors.

Countdown to Camp

Camp Harmony is a non-sectarian, non-profit, sleepaway camp. Each session Camp Harmony hosts approximately 300 campers from underserved areas in and around Los Angeles County. Campers arrive by bus to meet their new specially chosen counselors and the fun begins. Over 30 different activities a day keep children engaged, excited, enriched and athletic. Three to four Counselors per cabin lead groups of 8-10 campers throughout the busy days and evening programs. Summer camp offers a field trip to the beach and a spectacular end of session Carnival!

Facts about Camp Harmony:

  • 12+ shelters, agencies and schools send children to camp
  • Over 600 under-served children attend camp annually
  • 350 counselors volunteer annually
  • 200 adult support staff volunteer annually
  • 30 various activities are offered at camp everyday
  • 300 new sleeping bags are distributed to campers every summer session
  • 1,500 sweatshirts and t-shirts are distributed annually
  • 3 hot meals are served daily
  • 20-25 Unit Heads return to camp from college each session


Camp Harmony is proud to offer children in underserved local communities, a nurturing, exciting, experience in the outdoors. Camp Harmony promises campers, “All the love they can take and all the food they need.” Every child will remember their time at Camp Harmony, the wonderful counselors, the beautiful scenery and the fun, fun, fun! Campers attend free of charge.


From over 35 surrounding high schools, counselors apply to Camp Harmony. Ranging in age from 10th-12th grades counselors volunteer at camp sessions (summer or winter) as Harmony leaders and inspirational role-models for the campers. In order to allow United in Harmony to sponsor all campers, counselors are required to underwrite their own expenses at camp with a fee payment. Counselors submit applications each March for Summer session and submit to the acceptance procedures.

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support staff

Volunteers are the back bone of the Harmony programs. Unit Heads return to Camp Harmony from their colleges across the country to continue the mission they adopted in high school. Unit Heads serve in a more managerial capacity helping to mentor and lead counselors.

Adult Support Staff volunteer at Harmony programs and camps to oversee activities and logistics that keep the programs in operation. Support Staff is often called upon to work directly with a camper or cabin as needed.

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hear from our counselors

Leadership is a way to learn what it takes to put on activities that can make underprivileged kids that really need it extremely happy. I was once one of those kids.

Marissa GuadarramaPast Camper, current volunteer Camp Counselor

Experience was so meaningful as I connected with all my campers. My relationship with Camp Harmony campers has motivated me to continue to give back.

Adam JaysenCamp Harmony Counselor

When we would come back to school from Winter Break my friends had gone to faraway places and I felt like for once I fit in because I had gone on vacation as well. I have returned back to the place that taught me that there are people out there in the world rooting for me.

Jasmine MartinezFormer Camper turned volunteer Counselor

United in Harmony taught me that happiness is inside you and with the people you love the most. It has also shown many children that there is a world where you can be you the real you!

Rosemary RodriguezFormer Camper turned volunteer Counselor

Camp Harmony has completely changed my life. Being able to make an impact and be a positive role model for these kids in just a short week or a weekend of camp is incredible. The experience is so special and life changing to me, the campers and all the other volunteers. The Camp Harmony experience is truly like no other.

Abby SheridanLeadership Counselor